In the Christmas Spirit

Now that I’ve enjoyed watching “White Christmas,” “Elf,” “The Year Without a Santa Claus,” and “Rudolph”, I can finally feel the spirit of the season. Of course, shopping is still not completed, but at least there’s some egg nog chilled in the fridge for later. Here is a blast from the past… my sister and I with a particularly smarmy department store Santa, circa 1970.

Tips for Artists

I ran across this painting, created by John Baldesarri, whose witty and thought-provoking work is currently on exhibit at the Met in NYC.

I also have always liked this quote from Mr. Baldesarri:

“I feel that when I’m teaching I’m explaining what I do in my art, using words and the blackboard, and when I’m doing art I’m talking about what I’m teaching about, and they’re all didactic activities. It’s all about communicating ideas and the problems of doing that.”

Birdhouse Design

Thanks to colleague Larry Lean for his idea for “Art With a Cause” this semester. His special topics class was challenged to make a functional, creative birdhouse. These will be on display in the Teresa Pelt Grubbs Fine Arts Gallery at Mount Olive College, and visitors may participate in a silent auction. The proceeds from the sale of the birdhouses will go to a charitable cause, possibly the Humane Society. For more information on how to to bid on the birdhouses, contact Larry Lean by email at

Here is my birdhouse, made of recycled coffee & orange juice containers.

back of birdhouse
front of birdhouse