Female Detective and a First Lady Who Owned a Pet Raccoon

New York City police officer and detective Mary Agnes Shanley (1896-1989) was the first policewoman to use a gun in an arrest. She made over 1,000 collars in her career and, at just 160 pounds, had the strength to subdue an adult male.

markers on paper
markers on paper

Grace Coolidge’s pet raccoon, Rebecca, was a celebrated resident of the White House, dragged out for Easter egg rolls and held like a cat while the First Lady posed for the camera.

While Rebecca may seem like a bizarre object of love for a first lady, this picture wouldn’t have seemed nearly as strange to people living in the 1920s. In her book Pets in America, historian Katherine Grier writes about families in the nineteenth century who kept crows, woodchucks, foxes, deer, and squirrels as household pets.

After the menagerie tended to by the six young Theodore Roosevelts, who paraded a variety of snakes, a baby bear, and a badger named Josiah through the White House halls, Grace’s Rebecca may have seemed tame by comparison.

markers on paper
markers on paper

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