Experiencing “Still” life…

Great visit to view art and artifacts of Clyfford Still. His inspiring legacy as an art educator: “he was not a hippie type, even when that was the expected thing. He was a gentleman painter, with his white shirt and tie, and was a sage in the studio…” (Former colleague) 

Also, I like that he was anti Art establishment.


3 thoughts on “Experiencing “Still” life…

    1. Art establishment typically refers to galleries and museums considered significant in a cultural context. I never knew much about Still’s work, and you know that abstract expressionism has never been my favorite art movement, but I was inspired by reading about Still’s personal background [growing up on a farm, where he painted quite realistic scenes of rural life], followed by his radical shift to abstraction— not to mention his innovative approach to teaching summer workshops. Here’s a snippet from his bio on the museum site:
      “He lived in New York for most of the 1950s, during the height of the Abstract Expressionism movement—also a time when he became increasingly critical of the art world. In the early 1950s, Still severed ties with commercial galleries and in 1961 moved to Maryland, removing himself further from the art establishment. He remained in Maryland … until his death in 1980.”

  1. That makes some sense. Why is it a good thing to be anti-establishment here? Would that be the same as someone who self-published today? Or someone who wrote novels, but never published them? Or did he show his work in smaller galleries?

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