Selfie on the Shelfie?

Excerpt from an interesting piece in the NYT…
“Photos can still be useful memory-retrieval tools, even if they are distortions of our original experiences. But not if we don’t end up looking at them. We amass so many photos now that we end up ignoring the majority. Shutterfly, the digital-photo publishing service, commissioned a survey that found that over half of new photos are not shared. Moreover, half the respondents said they had not looked at a picture more than a decade old in the past month.
Those hundreds of baby pictures you’ve taken in the past week may never be seen again, hidden somewhere in the cloud, whereas a smaller quantity of physical photos, lovingly assembled in an album on a shelf, stand a better chance of being dusted off in the future.
Ironically, the distraction-enabling smartphone, the device most people use for pictures and video, could itself prompt our desire to visually document so much.”



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